Engage. Retain.
Recover. Grow.

Inalink delivers exceptional service across every phase of your association’s member relations and retention process.

Regardless of your project size, our intentionally small scaled business is designed to optimize project flexibility, maximize customized service and deliver unmatched returns. We can adjust to client or project needs quickly without sacrificing the personal attention for which we are known across the industry.

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New Member Welcome

We’ll clearly answer all your new members’ questions, address any concerns and guide them through all the benefits available to them. We will:

  • Ease new members into your association
  • Make sure they know the value of their membership
  • Use the power of one-on-one conversation to help them “connect the dots”

In short, we bring new members a sense of belonging and comfort, knowing they fully understand the value of their membership.

Keep in Touch

To create meaningful professional relationships with your members, you can’t just introduce yourself and then let communication fall away. We’ll make sure you maintain strong and meaningful relationships with your members by periodically checking in with them. We will:

  • Remind members of your association’s benefits
  • Answer any questions they may have about membership
  • Update them on anything they may need to know
  • Obtain their opinions on important topics

Strategy & Consulting

Inalink goes far beyond traditional call centers where the primary focus is on the “transaction”. We’re experts in helping you strategize and plan new ways to attract, retain or recover association members. We’ll work with you to find the programs that will best complement your unique association’s needs.

Lapsed Member Recovery

A member may decide not to renew for a variety of reasons, from being too busy to not having the funds to pay dues. Inalink can help craft and fine-tune your lapsed member message and deliver it correctly and at exactly the right time. We will:

  • Remind members of your association’s value
  • Make them aware of the benefits they can’t afford to lose
  • Build targeted messaging to reach out to individual members effectively

Member Tracking

If your members make a career move, Inalink can help you stay connected with them to boost member retention. Knowing where they are and what they’re doing makes it easier to reach out to them when needed. We will:

  • Anticipate members’ next career moves
  • Discuss how your association can help them in their transition
  • Keep their records up-to-date

Relax, knowing we’re staying in touch with your members and making sure no one gets lost in the shuffle.

Publication Services

We’ll make sure your members are current with all association publications, explain their value and, if necessary, encourage them to purchase the tools that are essential to their professional success.

Call to Action

The most successful associations seek regular feedback and action from their members. Inalink can reach out to your selected audience to spark action, all while maintaining top-notch service.

Even if you need your members to act quickly, we’re on it. We will also help you uncover hidden insights that could make a big difference on how you take action. We have a level of perception and intuition that can only come from 25+ years in this business.

Data Refresh

Let Inalink refresh your mailing list quickly, cost-effectively and accurately so you can be sure your members aren’t missing a single mailing. We will:

  • Refresh member contact information
  • Collect information such as job functions and budget cycles

Event Planning & Conference Registration

It’s not easy to drum up conference or event attendance. Economic conditions, busy schedules, or members’ lack of time or understanding of the event all contribute to discouraging outcomes. Yet, your events are important. We will:

  • Boost conference and event attendance
  • Identify what members expect from your event
  • Build awareness for your event
  • Learn why members do or do not attend and track findings
  • Build co-marketing programs for greater attendance

Building long-term value is where we shine. Quite simply, we’ll become an indispensable extension of your member relations program because the results speak for themselves in terms of revenue, member satisfaction and ultimately, peace of mind.