A personal approach to calling that’s unrivaled.

Inalink’s tried-and-tested phone-based member retention approach means that your members can feel free to express their opinions openly and fully, for as long as they wish. When they speak with us, they always have the floor and there are never time limits.

Inalink Hands

No generic, artificially scripted “telemarketing speak”.

Inalink encourages natural, one-on-one conversations that allow our people to appreciate your members as individuals, understand their membership concerns and help them see how their association benefits them professionally.

We’ll work with you to determine the optimal times to call, how to segment your list to best target the message and which programs most strongly align with your member demographics.

What are your members really thinking about their association?

We’ll find out. In fact, we often uncover member attitudes and insights that associations aren’t even aware of. Inalink’s ability to solicit feedback and gather intelligence is unparalleled. And we always follow up with easy-to-understand, actionable reporting.

We’ll treat you with the same level of care as we treat your members.

Our level of client care and outreach is a key reason why Inalink has been in business for more than 25 years and enjoys a 94% customer retention rate. Attention to detail and taking member relations off your list of things to worry about is at the heart of our approach, which includes:

  • Easy-to-follow daily progress reporting
  • Clear, actionable plans and strategies based on the latest member feedback
  • Data updates via secure portal-to-portal connections, never via email
  • Easy access to top company leadership at all times