How secure is your members’ information?

The last thing you want to tell your members is that you’ve suffered a breach or compromised their personal information. Inalink is not only PCI compliant, we go even further by offering:

  • Third-party security reviews, including ongoing network upgrades and “in-out, out-in” penetration tests, which to date, we have passed on the first round
  • No emailing of data, ever; we offer our clients private portal-to-portal transmission for all sensitive data
  • Kid-glove handling of your members’ information using the most secure encryption and PCI protocols
  • Ongoing use of the latest cyber security protocols to enhance privacy and reduce credit card exposure

Inalink values the relationships we’ve built with our associations and work hard to protect their reputations and their members’ data, every minute of every day.

Inalink High Security Badge