A message from the Founder

Hello and welcome.

If I had to sum up what Inalink is all about, in just a few words, it would be this: “to bring peace of mind to our association clients, every day.” It’s a simple thought. But not a simple promise to deliver on.

When I founded Inalink more than 25 years ago, I had already amassed extensive experience with big call center operations such as Murdoch Publications and WQED-TV. I learned that reaching out to members, maintaining deep relationships and building loyalty had to be part of a larger, customized strategy that also included planning, messaging and timing. Bringing peace of mind means expertly connecting all the dots.

At Inalink, we hire excellent callers and reward their talents, so they stay with us. We immerse ourselves in the worlds of our association clients and work as a team to craft the best big-picture strategies for success. Ultimately, we become a true partner who never stops refreshing the relationship and delivering value in concrete ways that can’t be faked: membership retention numbers and dollars and cents.

If you’ve read this far, you’re either a client of Inalink or considering becoming one. If you’re a client, I say thank you, with deep gratitude. If you’re not yet a client, it would be a privilege to tell you more about Inalink and how we can bring you the peace of mind you’ve been seeking.

Feel free to call me. Or email me at Kveirs@inalink.com. And let’s connect.


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Kate Veirs
Founder and CEO
Member, American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

Inalink is best-in-class.

Inalink’s approach to phone-based outreach is a game-changer. Let our clients tell you why.

"Inalink is a valuable addition to the success of our membership growth! We saw a 30% conversion rate of our lapsed members and exceeded our expectations on revenue. That combined with a professional and conscientious staff has proved to be a win-win for us!"

-Community Associations Institute

"Two years ago we conducted a national search for a new telemarketing partner. How very fortunate we were to find Inalink (!), a company that not only excels at providing enhanced security measures, but whose staff is also highly trained and competent at engaging callers in conversations. We’re thrilled with the service we’ve received and highly recommend them to all associations!"

-Illinois State Bar Association

"ASA has had a great experience working with Inalink’s team to contact recently lapsed members. The return on investment is high and members respond very positively to the calls."

-American Society of Anesthesiologists®