What’s in between makes all the difference.

Since inception, Inalink has recovered more than $100 million dollars for our clients.

Peace of mind is calling.

As a professional association, you know that attracting, retaining and renewing your members is mission-critical. You’ve set goals but only have so many hours in the day. New members are joining, but too many others are drifting away. And emails, postcards and tweets aren’t getting you over the finish line. Enter Inalink.

Given our industry-wide reputation for bringing care, courtesy and attention to every project, you can trust that Inalink will represent your association as respectfully and professionally as your own staff would. Yes, our callers are that good.

PCI compliance is just the beginning.

We live in a networked world. With stories of data breaches making news almost daily, Inalink has proactively responded to this new reality by prioritizing the vigilant monitoring of all client transactions.

Inalink is not only PCI compliant, but we go one step further, ensuring third-party cyber security reviews that include network upgrades and rigorous “in-out and out-in” penetration tests to guard against both internal and external threats. To date, we have always passed these network stress tests on the first round. Our callers. Your members. When they connect, great things happen. You’ll see.


From 500 to 80,000 member associations

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