Keeping members aware and informed.

There are many reasons a member may decide not to renew their membership, from busy schedules to not having the funds to pay dues. We can assist in crafting and fine-tuning your lapsed member message, delivering it correctly, and always at the right time.

We help:

  • Remind members of your association’s value
  • Make members aware of the benefits they won’t want to lose
  • Build targeted messaging to reach out to members effectively 

Members appreciate the calls – about one-third didn’t realize they were in a situation of losing their membership.

Case Study:  Recover and Renew


After a dues increase, a medical association experienced a sluggish response to their mailed and emailed renewal efforts. They needed to recover these lapsed members and find out why others decided not to renew.


Inalink’s plan was to contact lapsed members, while explaining the need for the dues increase.

Inalink highlighted key benefits of membership, recovered 73% of lapsed members contacted, located members that moved from the provided location, and found out why members did not renew. The project generated $312,053 in new revenue within 5 ½ weeks.