Successful events start with a good plan.

Achieving a well-attended conference is not an easy task. Current economic conditions, busy schedules, or the members’ lack of time to research the event all contribute to discouraging outcomes.

We help:

  • Boost conference and event attendance
  • Identify what members expect from your event
  • Build awareness
  • Learn why members do or do not attend and track findings
  • Build co-marketing programs for greater attendance

“For several years Inalink has worked closely with us to boost registrations to our Annual International Convention and Expo. They get the job done beyond expectation. They are professional, accessible, fast, respectful and responsive – a service anomaly in today’s world! And our members appreciate the call. Not only does Inalink create awareness and secure registrations, but they find out why people don’t attend. This on-going feedback has been instrumental in our strategic planning process for future events.”

Ronnie Hepp, CAE
VP for Administration
The National RV Dealers Association

Case Study:  A Way to Boost Conference Registrations


A scientific association was offering hundreds of seminars throughout the year.

With increasing expenses associated with producing these events, and attendance budgets being cut, the association needed to know which seminars to keep, which to modify and which to drop.


Over the course of several months, Inalink spoke with hundreds of members.

Inalink identified what potential attendees needed to have addressed and what constituted a valuable seminar.  This included the content, the most favorable time and location, and the format of the presentation.

With the targeted feedback, the association streamlined their seminar communications to reach the right attendees for the right event, while boosting attendance significantly and eliminating events that were of little or no interest.