Create a serious buzz about your next upcoming conference or meeting.

Boost attendance by 20%. Place follow-up calls on the heels of your mail and email campaigns. Inalink can make these important calls for your association.

At Inalink, we offer a host of select services to help you proactively develop, execute, and promote your conferences and meeting events. We call potential attendees to create awareness, facilitate their registration, and address any outstanding attendee needs before your events.

We provide valuable feedback about why individuals want to attend and what they expect, further assisting you as you plan future programs and event strategies.

Consider one of Inalink’s attendance boosting programs for your next event:

Event Planning

While speaking with potential attendees we will find out what topics they expect to be covered and why. When you incorporate these valuable findings into your meeting programs, most likely you will see a significant rise in attendance.

Conference Registration

Inalink helps its clients by calling potential attendees and taking the time to highlight conference activities with them. We answer questions they may have, and if interested, we proceed by getting them registered on the spot.