Helping to build strong relationships… right from the start.

We answer new members’ questions, and address their concerns, while guiding them through all of the benefits available to them.

We help:

  • Introduce new members to your association
  • Show them the value of their membership
  • Have a one-on-one conversation to help them “connect the dots”

In short, we take the fear of the “new” away, and replace it with a feeling of comfort, knowing how their association can help them grow.

The volunteers at some of our 63 chapters weren’t making personal ‘welcome’ contacts with each and every local member. Now Inalink fills those gaps, and assures that members are finding value right from the start. In addition, we’re learning more than ever about what members want. Because we’re building member relationships and tailoring our offering to meet their needs, we’re adding and retaining members in record numbers.

Patty Mahan, CAE
American Public Works Association

Case Study:  A Warm Welcome


Most associations work hard to recruit new members, but what are they doing to keep them?  Many resort to new member kits, emails, and letters, only to find out that these efforts are never enough.  Today’s members need to know they’re valued and they need personal attention.


Inalink’s Member Welcome program is designed to welcome new members and assist them in accessing the benefits most useful to their needs. Members become engaged quickly and attain more value from their membership. In addition, you learn why people join, which helps you attract more members, and continuously adjust to meet their needs.

As a result, these early year members are more likely to renew for the following year at a higher rate because you took the time to get them engaged from the start.