We check in with members, so they don’t check out.

In order to create a meaningful professional relationship, you can’t just introduce yourself and then let communication drop.  We assist you in maintaining strong and meaningful relationships with your members by periodically checking in with them.

We help:

  • Remind members of your association’s benefits
  • Answer any questions they may have about membership
  • Update them on anything they may need to know
  • Obtain member opinions on important topics

It is critical to know the language and understand the target audience. Inalink did a fine job.

Case Study:  On-going Satisfaction


Low renewal revenues from new and early-year members were plaguing an association that had been reaching out to these members using traditional methods.


Inalink implemented a robust year-round Keep-in-Touch program that highlighted how the association could provide the early year members with valuable information to further their careers and answer their questions.  Additionally, this program offers a unique opportunity to collect their opinions and suggestions.

The outcome was a 12% increase in early-year member renewals, a better understanding of the association from its new members and valuable feedback that suggested areas for future program offerings.