Reach your members when the clock is ticking.

You need feedback from your members.  We can reach your selected audience and communicate your needs quickly, while maintaining top-notch service throughout.

We help reach your members quickly to get you the answers that you need. Make one call to us when you need your members to act fast.

Inalink is a part of us.  They know our business.

Case Study:  Accelerated Member Engagement


An association board introduced a motion that would positively impact a large segment of this membership.

In order to move forward with the motion, one third of the association’s 6,000 members needed to vote in its favor. The association had just 60 days to accomplish the mission after emails and letters produced negligible response.

Instead of attempting to make 6,000 calls to their members themselves, the association made one call – to Inalink.


In two weeks, Inalink had encouraged enough members to consider the motion and then vote, so that the organization could meet its goal successfully.